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Rental Stairlifts case studies

Here are some case studies about some of our customers. Please click on 'view case study' for more details

Regaining independence

Mr Smith from Manchester had been suffering from back problems for some time and was relieved when the hospital said they could operate. Unfortunately, he got an infection while he was in hospital and needed a lot more help to live independently at home. View case study>

Manchester Rental Stairlift Installation

Mrs Turley recently found that the aches and pains she usually feels in her legs became much worse and she had to sit on the edge of the bed for up to half an hour before she felt able to get up and face the stairs. View case study>

Curved rental stairlift installation in Wakefield

Thank-you Rental Stairlifts. I feel so much happier now I’ve got my stairlift and can’t tell you how glad I am to feel confident I can stay in my own home.... View case study>

Rental stairlift installation in Huddersfield

Mrs Reeves recently had one of our Brooks Lincoln rental stairlifts installed in her home in Huddersfield. “I’m really glad I eventually had the stairlift installed” says Mrs Reeves. “I feel a lot safer now.”... View case study>

Curved rental stairlift installation in Bradford

We recently installed a curved rental stairlift in Bradford for Mr Julian. He has severe back problems which limit his mobility and make it very difficult for him to use the stairs... View case study>

Special controls for reduced hand dexterity, Bradford

Mr Brierley from Bradford had been suffering from reduced hand dexterity for some time, and when he came out of hospital after a back operation, he found that he couldn’t operate his existing stairlift properly... View case study>

Working with Occupational Therapist to regain mobility after eye operation

We worked with an Occupational Therapist to help Mr Earnshaw from Huddersfield regain mobility in his home as he was visually impaired after an operation to remove a cataract and subsequent infection and couldn’t get up the stairs unaided... View case study>

Worry-free stairlift installation in Oldham, Greater Manchester

Mrs Sutton, who lives in Oldham, had a stairlift installed in her home a few years ago. Unfortunately the stairlift needed quite a few repairs over the last couple of years... View case study>

Working with occupational therapist for Bury stairlift installation

Mr Johnson in Bury called us to ask if it would be possible to have a stairlift installed in his home as he had some health and mobility problems. View case study>

Leeds Stairlift Rental

Ken from Leeds was unable to walk after a sports injury. "I was so used to being active that not even being able to get up the stairs was a nightmare," said Ken.. View case study>

Manchester Rental Stairlift installation

Janet has multiple sclerosis and unfortunately fell and broke her leg a year ago. She then had another fall whilst recovering, breaking the same leg again. After that spent most of her time downstairs, unable to get upstairs to use the bathroom. View case study>

Bespoke solution for wheelchair access

Mrs S of Addingham could not get her wheelchair into her house. John created a bespoke ramp to provide smooth, easy access for her wheelchair. View case study>

Rental stairlift case study in Bury

Mr Barlow's wife had an operation and he needed help. "I didn't really want to move the bedroom downstairs, and we didn't really have the room anyway," he said.View case study>

Rental stairlift case study in Wakefield

Mrs Knight from Wakefield fell last year and broke her leg. As she suffers from multiple sclerosis, it took her much longer than usual to recover. View case study>

Working with professionals for the best rental stairlift solution

We frequently liaise with health professionals including physiotherapists and occupational to ensure our more vulnerable customers get the best possible mobility solution for their particular needs. View case study>

Rental Stairlift installation in Keighley

We installed a rental stairlift for Mr. Garnett in Keighley recently as he has severe arthritis and has recently had a knee operation, and can't get up the stairs like he used to. He also has problems sitting, and so we recommended the installation of a special stairlift built specifically to overcome problems the customer may have with sitting. View case study>

Rental Stairlift installation, Bury

Mr. Thompson in Bury decided to rent a stairlift from Rental Stairlifts after suffering from arthritis for several years. He didn't want to have to worry about maintenance and so decided that renting would be the best solution. View case study>

Rental Stairlift installation in Manchester

We recently installed a stairlift in Manchester for an elderly lady who has been having trouble getting up the stairs. She has a limited budget but found our stairlift rental package ideal for her, and the on-going free maintenance package gave her much needed peace of mind. View case study>

Stairlift rental Bradford

We installed a rental stairlift in Bradford for Mr. Taylor, who's wife was ill recently. The hospital would not allow her to be sent home unless he already had a stairlift installed . As this was an exceptional case and time was a priority we managed to install the stairlift within two days of the surveyor's initial house visit.View case study>

Rental Stairlift solution in Leeds

We were contacted by the son of an elderly lady in Leeds who wanted to know if we could offer a rental stairlift solution for his mother. She was distraught at the thought of going into a care home and leaving the house she had lived in for nearly 50 years, and had a particularly narrow curved staircase. View case study>

Stairlift Rental installation, Sheffield

Mrs. Julian in Sheffield decided to rent a stairlift from us recently. She suffers from back problems, and spent over a year downstairs, unable to climb the stairs. View case study>

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