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Worry-free stairlift installation in Oldham, Greater Manchester

Mrs Sutton, who lives in Oldham, had a stairlift installed in her home a few years ago. Unfortunately the stairlift needed quite a few repairs over the last couple of years and she began to wonder if there was a more economical way of having a stairlift installed.

A friend recommended Rental Stairlifts and she contacted us for advice and a free no obligation quote. We explained that renting a stairlift is a great option for customers who don't want the worry and extra expense of the maintenance and servicing costs of a stairlift. With our easy payment terms and flexibility, you can hire the stairlift for the time you need it. And we offer fixed stairlift rental payments for life.

Mrs Sutton agreed that renting a stairlift would be the best solution for her. She was dependent on the stairlift now after relying on it for many years, and was relieved to be rid of maintenance costs and worries. With expert installation, full warranty and a fantastic after care package, express delivery, full installation, free maintenance cover, 24hr call out, and removal when the stairlift is no longer required all included, our package is perfect for those wanting a worry-free economical solution. And we also offer the option to purchase your rental stairlift at any time if you decide that would be the best choice for you.

“I was worried that the recent repairs meant it wouldn’t be economical to have the stairlift in the future, so I’m really glad I now don’t need to worry about that at all”, said Mrs Sutton.

stairlift rental installation Oldham
stairlift rental installation Oldham
stairlift rental installation Oldham
stairlift rental installation Oldham
stairlift rental installation Oldham

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