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Working with Occupational Therapist to help regain mobility

We worked with an Occupational Therapist to help Mr Earnshaw from Huddersfield regain mobility in his home as he was visually impaired after an operation to remove a cataract and subsequent infection and couldn’t get up the stairs unaided.

Mr Earnshaw and the Occupational Therapist agreed that renting a stairlift would be a good solution and he was relieved to be able to find a flexible option to help him keep his independence until he was able to see again fully.

We tailored the stairlift to Mr Earnshaw’s individual needs – he preferred a standing lift as he felt safer standing rather than sitting and standing without being able to see properly. And we were able to offer him a powered swivel seat which helped him control the stairlift without full visibility.

As flexibility was so important to Mr Earnshaw, our easy rental payment terms created an ideal option - he hoped to regain his sight once the infection had cleared and his eye had healed.

We offer expert installation, full warranty and a great after care package, with express delivery, full installation, free maintenance cover, 24hr call out, and removal when the stairlift is no longer required. So our package is perfect for those wanting a more temporary, stress-free economical solution.

“I am very optimistic that I will be able to see fully again, and feel it is important to feel I can have a flexible option that is not permanent – because hopefully my sight loss will not be permanent.” said Mr Earnshaw.

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