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Rental Stairlifts testimonials

Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers

“Each morning when I wake up I quickly lose the sense of dread I used to feel when I remember I’ve got the stairlift now and I don’t have to sit on the edge of the bed waiting for my aches and pains to subside, steeling myself to face the stairs!” Mrs Turley, Manchester Case study>

“I’m really impressed with the service and how smoothly everything went and I’m just grateful to have my house back!” Mr Julian, Bradford Case study>

“I really appreciate your help with a flexible stairlift option, and in fitting in with the Occupational Therapist’s appointments. She had to cancel a couple of times and it was great that you were able to accommodate that. Thank you Rental Stairlifts!” Mr Earnshaw, Huddersfield Case study>

“Life is a lot easier – and safer – now I’ve got my stairlift, and I’m glad I’ve got no worries if it needs any repairs” Mrs Reeves, Huddersfield Case study>

“My new stairlift is great, so easy to use. There’s no pressure on my hands and I feel very safe with this method. Thanks again.” Mr Brierley, Bradford Case study>

"Thankyou Rental Stairlifts for organising a worry-free solution for me to get up the stairs! I was worried that, with repair costs, I wouldn’t be able to afford the stairlift any more and I rely on it, so I am very relieved." Mrs Sutton, Oldham Case study>

"I am very grateful to Rental Stairlifts for their advice about getting professional help, and their hassle-free stairlift installation. Being able to get upstairs and get in and out of the bath on my own makes me feel so much more independent – thankyou Rental Stairlifts!" Dave Johnson, Bury Case study>

"John came up with the prefect solution for my wheelchair access problem. It is now easy to get into the house - and the stairlift is perfect too!." Mrs. S., Addingham Case study>

"The installation was quick and clean with a lot less disruption that I'd thought. I would recommend this company to anyone." Mr. Barlow, Bury Case study>

"Rental Stairlifts were really great. The installation was pretty hassle free and of course all the maintenance is covered so there are no worries on that score. And now mum has access to the upstairs toilet and bedroom again.” Mr. Knight, Wakefield Case study>

"Thank you so much for giving me back my house." Mrs Sitwell, Manchester Case study>

"Thankyou for helping me get my wife home from hospital." Mr Foster, Bradford Case study>

"I can't thank you enough. You've given me my house back!" said Mrs. Julian, Sheffield Case study>

"I was so relieved and pleased for my mum" Mr. Taylor, Leeds Case study>

"Stairlift Rental were fantastic in helping is find a stairlift my husband could easily and painlessly operate", Mrs. Thompson, Bury Case study>

"I would like to thank Rental Stairlifts for fitting my new stairlift so quickly, with no mess! The stairflift is marvellous." Mrs Turner, Burnley.

"Thank you for coming out and installing my stairlift. It has made a huge difference to my quality of life." Mr Bourne, Burnley

"My father is delighted with his new rental stairlift. Your service is first class. My thanks to your company for the no fuss installation." Mr O'Connor, Keighley.

"Thankyou for being so prompt..." Mrs M. B------.

"I am completely satisfied with the rental stairlift and would like to thank your sales representative and the installation engineer for their help and expertise - it was a pleasure to have them here..." Mrs Pat B-----.

"Very good service. Installation team very good." Mrs E. T------.

"I spoke to my mother yesterday and she is very happy with her new rental stairlift. Thankyou for your quick and very efficient service." Mr B------.

"...delighted with this stairlift and the courtesy and proffessionalism shown by the installation crew... ...most obliged to all concerned..." Mr John B-----.

"My mother found the stairlift very useful, and in the last few months of her life, she couldn't have coped without it. Many thanks." Mrs V. O---.

"I am very pleased with it, it will make life so much easier, no more struggling up and down stairs. I must say that the lads (well men) but they were lads to me, were very pleasant, polite and so very good, the job was completed in no time at all, apart from the stairlift being there you would not know that they had been, no mess and rubbish taken away, something that is not always done these days. If all your staff are like those lads you have a great group of workers." Mrs Winnie G-------.

"This is to let you know how impressed I have been today with the excellent workmanship and courtesy of your stairlift engineer. He carried out the work with the minimum of delay, -I am well pleased with a job very well done." Mrs M. H---.

"I was delighted to have my stairlift installed so quickly and hope that you will pass on my gratitude to all concerned. It has been such a relief to go downstairs again." Mr F. P---.

"I want to let you know how impressed we all were at the efficiency of your company. It has been a pleasure to do business with you. These days it can be hard to find people who are not only friendly but actually true to their word, and you were both." Mrs H. T-----.

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