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Rental Stairlift installation in Bury

Brooks Lincoln stairlift installation Bury

Mr. Thompson in Bury decided to rent a stairlift from Rental Stairlifts after suffering from arthritis for several years. He was concerned that his complicated curved staircase with several bends in it would make installing a stairlift impossible, but we suggested renting the Brooks Lincoln 80 Curved Stairlift which is capable of manoeuvring around tight corners and steep bends.

As Mr. Thompson has arthritis in his legs and hands, he was also worried that he may not be able to operate a stairlift, but Rental Stairlifts advised him that this model that would be ideal for his condition.

The Brooks Lincoln Curved 80 stairlift has a unique rocker switch or joystick option available which enable users with severe arthritis to be able to operate the stairlift using only part of the hand . "Stairlift Rental were fantastic in helping us find a stairlift my husband could easily and painlessly operate, and one which would fit our unusually shaped staircase" said Mrs. Thompson. "We did ask other stairlift companies to help, but they said that a stairlift would be too complicated to install and walked away."

The curved Brooks/Acorn 80 is ideal for people with arthritis in their hands as it means that the operator/user does not have to push button controls which unfortunately require a steadier hand and a more precise hand movement than for a joy stick or rocker switch.

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