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Stairlift rental guide

stairlift guide

There are many reasons why renting a stairlift may be more convenient than buying.

Renting a stairlift can be a good option if you or a member of your household have difficulty getting up the stairs, or when someone is terminally ill. Renting also gives you peace of mind, as we cover the stairlift maintenance* and servicing.

The benefits of renting a stairlift

Things to consider

Many questions will arise when deciding what type of stairlift to rent. Our expert technicians can guide you and answer your questions when we visit. Here is a list of things to consider:

stairlift guide


Controls may be push button, joystick or toggle and should ideally be sited on the armrest on the side of hand dominance or preference. Remote controls for a carer to operate are also available from some companies. These may be handheld or wall mounted.

The Brooks/Acorn straight stairlift incorporates the latest technology including the 'soft start soft finish' which allows a slow gradual acceleration to prevent any uncomfortable sudden jerks or jolts. People with back problems such as spondylitis of the spine have found this facility helps them enormously. And the Brooks Lincoln curved 80 stairlift has a unique rocker switch or joystick option available which enable users with severe arthritis to be able to operate the stairlift using only part of the hand.

Stairlift footplates

To make space on the staircase for other users, the footplate and seat can be folded up. Footrest linkage allows the seat and footplate to be folded away in one action without bending down. There are usually two options: manual footplates let you fold the footplate up and down by hand. Whilst not requiring a great deal of strength this option does require you to bend. A powered footplate option removes the need to manually fold or unfold the seat and footrest.


Some houses have a door near the bottom of the stairs. In these cases a hinged track may be required to avoid blocking the doorway and to prevent a tripping hazard. There are usually two options: a manual hinge means you will have to raise and lower the track by hand. Hinges are designed to make this as easy as possible but it will require some physical effort. a powered hinge lifts or lowers the track automatically when it is in use. You can also raise and lower the track using a button on the remote control or the wall.


It is a common misconception that stairlifts are fixed to the wall. This is not the case. The lift track will be installed onto the staircase itself. You will be advised by the technical surveyor which side of the staircase will be most convenient for installation from both the technical viewpoint and for ease of use.

If you have any questions regarding the best rental stairlift option for you, please give us a call on freephone 0800 0747171 or email us at info@rentalstairlifts.co.uk

*Full terms and conditions available on request